One step ahead of the needs of the mobile internet society.

Our brand vision is a long term objective. It's what we seek to achieve and how we wish to be perceived by our audiences in the future. The only thing constant in the world is change.

We will always be fuelled by the desire to make a difference, bring about a change for the better.

We dream of continuously enriching the mobile society, enabling them to live life to its fullest and bringing their dreams alive.



To motivate consumers to "Switch On" to the latest mobile internet technology via the hottest digital trends and cutting-edge handset designs, thus enabling them to "Move Up" to a more fulfilling digital experience that goes beyond basic connectivity -the brand positioning for 'S' is expressed as a combination of the 2 rallying cries, driving consumers to Switch Up!

Two short, yet powerful words which tell the consumers that the Brand 'S' gives them more than just a handset; it opens a window to the digital world.

Beyond connectivity, Brand S delivers the promise of "Advancing You" in more than one life-changing ways:

  • Switch Up! to being GLOCAL – wielding global resources to fulfill local needs and bring Indonesians in-step with the rest of the world.
  • Switch Up! to powerful mobile internet technology that connects Indonesians from diverse origins - regardless of age, economic strata and lifestyle choices.
  • Switch Up! to democratize mobile internet that brings more value than the numbers on the price tag.
  • Switch Up! to ensure confidence and understanding among our customers through quality in service standards and products.
  • Switch Up! to stay abreast of constant innovation in mobile technology worldwide as delivered through its content, hardware and software to its fullest and bringing their dreams alive.
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